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About Us


Tanya is a coach, an NLP Master Trainer, nutritionist, hypnotherapist, avid recipe developer and author.

Tanya has been in the health and food industry for 11 years. She has worked with diverse groups of people, and given them results. In gyms to weightloss centers, in research, the media, and in corporate, from Australia to the USA.

Tanya’s has an undying passion for the health of the mind and the body. The Good Health Coach is created from a wide perspective of knowledge and experience, passion and the desire to help others.

Tanya’s Journey

My journey in health and wellbeing started when I was just a child. I loved to cook, and would spend weekends making a mess in the kitchen. Then I began taking more notice of the ingredients that I was using, reading labels, asking questions about what these ingredients do in our body. Then when I was 15 I had acne, and on some days I didn’t like having to go out. Dermatologists put me on medication that I later found out damaged the liver. I asked doctors about diet and they said ‘it’s nothing to do with diet’. While I intrinsically knew that wasn’t right, so I started looking at my own diet and what happened when I ate certain foods. I removed all artificial ingredients, reduced my sugar intake and later removed gluten and dairy. I saw a remarkable increase in the health of my skin, my acne cleared up for good, and I noticed that if I did eat certain foods, my skin would be irritated. Not to mention the increase in energy, better moods, and more sound sleep I was having with this cleaner diet I had adopted.

I watched and experienced my improvement in health through simple diet and lifestyle changes. I watched patterns of poor health in those around me who did not monitor what they put into their body, exposed their mind to and include exercise in their week.

I watched friends develop eating disorders in high school because they thought they were ‘too fat’ or not good enough. Despite being hospitalised for it they still refused to eat.

Then I decided to study Human Nutrition, to teach and empower others, with what I knew, and assist others to better their health, and to create something that others could use to empower themselves. To have healthy relationships with food, for young females to love themselves for their inner and outer beauty, and for people to have a positive mindset, not only towards food, but towards themselves and life in general.

The more people I worked with, the more I noticed that it’s more than a meal plan that’s needed to really empower people and create these lasting changes. We need to get our mindset right. Then I studied Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and became a coach, an NLP Master Trainer and Hypnotherapist.

The Good Health Coach works with people’s bodies and minds in a powerful and profound way to achieve real and lasting results.