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Spiced Buckwheat Pancake

This dish is inspired by the Japanese pancake, Okonomyaki. Once you cook this, you'll be impressed by what some buckwheat flour, eggs and vegetables can create. I know I was!

Buckwheat Shortbread Cookies

These crumbly shortbread cookies are vegan, free from gluten, refined sugar and nuts. Make a batch of dough, freeze it, then slice and bake it as you desire.

Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms

Large field mushrooms stuffed with quinoa, spices and a little bacon if you desire. Use the leanest bacon cut you can find. It's called short back if you're in Australia, Canadian bacon, in well, Canada, and the US, and back bacon in the UK.

Smokey Roo Burgers

Kangaroo is lean, rich in taste, and a native Australian meat. It’s worth a try – and here’s why. In a snapshot, you’re doing the environment a favour, your supporting a sustainable industry, and your doing your body good.