Services - The Good Healthcoach


Our Coaching Programs

Choose one of our programs to coach and guide you to where you want to be.

We coach people for:

  • Mindset Coaching to commit to and achieve results.
  • Weightloss.
  • Allergies.
  • Emotional Eating and Cravings.
  • Negative thoughts that dictate our body image.
  • Their relationship with themselves and with others, as this can have a big impact on our health.
  • Eliminating beliefs about oneself that are holding one back.
  • Other health issues.
  • Collaboration with other health practitioners to help their clients get the best results possible – ask how!

Private Cooking Classes

Do you find yourself wondering what to cook, or how to use that particular product,
or do you just need a little bit of inspiration,
and want to use what you have in your kitchen?

Or perhaps you need to adopt a new way of eating and are not sure where to start.
Book a private one-on-one cooking class in your own home!

Retreats and Events

We run health and wellbeing retreats in multiple locations around Australia. It’s the ultimate treat for yourself; to nurture your body, mind and soul.

If you feel like you need to check in with yourself, give yourself some time, space and recharge or reset certain areas of your life, then give yourself what it needs and deserves.

Click here to see our upcoming retreats.

NLP Trainings – Become a Coach!

We run certified NLP trainings. We give you the tools and techniques to change your life, and allow you to coach and help others.

We train and empower you, and give you the opportunity to change your mindset, broaden your thinking, set goals and achieve them and clear old thoughts and emotions that may be holding you back.

For you and for those around you, this NLP training can help you to create the life you want.